Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Then its time to look at your cellular foundation. Let us help fine tune how your cells perform. Come experience the benefits of cellular repair, defense, and energy balancing. Alleviate pain, inflammation, prevent chronic disease, and eliminate the effects of physical and mental stress. Restore your health, immunity, and energy with the power of PEMF, Red Light Therapy, and NanoVi Oxygen therapy.

Its time to experience the The Trifecta: PEMF, Class II Medical-Grade Red Light, and NanoVi Oxygen therapies. Once only reserved for professional athletes, now available to the masses.

Magnetism, oxygen, and light are vital for survival and cellular health. Harnessing these forces through PEMF, NanoVi Oxygen, and LED Light Therapies can rejuvenate the body, regardless of age or condition. PEMF charges cells, NanoVi improves oxygenation and nutrient absorption, while LED light aids in reversing oxidative stress and boosting energy production. Therapies are FDA-approved and work at a cellular level for healing. 

All services are done on a state-of-the art zero gravity chair for ultimate comfort.



Class II medical-grade red light

NANO VI oxygen

Session Types:

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

How it works
PEMF Therapy

Heal & Repair

To get and feel well, one must fix their cellular foundation first. If your cells do not have the energy they need, your body does not have the energy it needs to heal.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) provides therapeutic healing from within by supporting both the root cause, while also alleviating symptoms at the same time.

PEMF provides a safe, relaxing, non-invasive therapy that charges your cells by sending energy waves (positive electrons) that improve oxygenation, circulation, and immunity. PEMF destroys senescent (stagnant) cells, recharges damaged tissues, bones & organs, stimulates cellular repair & regeneration.

The ability to stimulate at the cellular level means that everything heals faster with PEMF.

NanoVi Oxygen Therapy

Boost immunity, energy and increase metabolism

Oxygen serves as a key component in cellular respiration to produce energy. It plays a vital role in supporting brain function, immune system activity, and detoxification. Oxygen is crucial for cellular growth, repair, and the maintenance of tissue integrity.

NanoVi Oxygen Therapy involves inhaling less than 10% ionized hydrogen gas, which penetrates cell membranes easily due to its small size. It can cross barriers like the blood-brain barrier, accessing cells where it then activates enzymes like glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase, powerful free radical scavengers.

Oxygen influences intracellular signaling, reducing harmful free radical production and inflammation, promoting homeostasis and healthy immune function.

Red Light Therapy

Reduce oxidative stress at the cellular level

Our skin and tissues, like plants, absorb light for energy. Red Light LED therapy works by delivering UV-free light energy, triggering natural anti-aging, pain relief, and rejuvenation processes.

Using patented technology, our Platinum LED Therapy systems emit multiple wavelengths of light, making it the top FDA Cleared LED device in the US.


The Functional Movement Screen tests seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to identifying your functional movement quality. The process provides a reliable baseline for actionable and effective steps to improve your performance and recovery.


A wide variety of protocols and techniques including but not limited to:

Resistance Band Training

Functional Movement Screening

Direct Current

Resistance Band Training


All discovery sessions are 1.5 hours and include:
• A functional diagnosis
• Treatment/recovery session
• Client recovery plan

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30 minute & 1 hour sessions available now with our new therapist, Ashley.
Treat your discomfort at the source and jumpstart your recovery.


Frequently ASKED

What should I expect after my first session?


Clients typically experience immediate relief from pain and increased energy. This revitalizing effect can last from hours to days, depending on individual response. With each session, the positive effects accumulate, providing longer-lasting benefits. Many clients use their sessions to relax, nap, or meditate, allowing their bodies to absorb the positive energy. Similar to a deep massage, some may feel tired or experience a headache afterward due to toxin release. Rest and hydration can help alleviate these symptoms, which tend to diminish with subsequent sessions.

How do I prepare for my appointment?


Proper nutrition, mineralization, and hydration are key! Show up in loose fitting, flexible, athletic clothing, and we'll do the rest.

How quickly will I see results?


Minor cell imbalances can be corrected easily before they escalate. Unfortunately, many wait until they face significant health issues to seek solutions. Most clients experience symptom improvements after just a couple of sessions, with reduced pain and better mobility. As sessions progress, clients also report better sleep, increased energy, and improved mood. PEMF, NanoVi, and Red Light therapy aligns with the body's healing processes, restoring cell function and promoting pain relief and tissue repair. For long-standing issues or multiple chronic conditions, individuals may require more time for optimal results. Incorporating proper nutrition, hydration, and supplementation can expedite the healing process.

How frequently should I come in?


We always start with a lower frequency and intensity until we get to know you and how your body is responding to treatment. Frequency is dependent on conditions. During your first session we will discuss and develop an appropriate, individualized plan that will set you on the fast track to healing.